Our Souls

Alba Caracola

I come from a family with roots on both sides of the Atlantic, from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean. This diversity of which I am proud, has also been reflected in my personal trajectory as if between where I come from and what I am today had an invisible link that guided it.

My professional development began on a catwalk from country to country. From that path I developed a taste for aesthetics and the understanding of different cultures. After my teenage years, I first trained in the health field from where I grew a concern for the scientific knowledge of the world that surrounds us and the satisfaction for the discovery of the causes and consequences. Eventually, life led me to become interested in the art world, so I decided to study cinematographic artistic direction, I worked in the art department of advertising for 10 years. At this stage I learned the great importance of teamwork, a taste for design, colorimetry, the beauty of orchestrated product shots, photography, video and art in its wide range of possibilities.

During my first stage in the world of fashion, I felt how much our skin, the largest organ of our body, suffers. The solutions that were given to me, although well-intentioned, did not meet my needs. Too much chemistry, too many ingredients, too much money ...

Through the scientific world I discovered that many of the drugs and dermatological treatments could be substituted and / or combined in a fully functional way and even more effectively with natural sources, which are the principles of modern medicine as we know them.

This feeling and eagerness for change found its form and place through the philosophy and action of Wise Roots Living. I feel proud and satisfied to be part of this project and to be able to promote the skin’s care in a natural and sustainable way, backed by my diverse roots that dance between the aesthetic and the scientific.

We must know how to observe and listen to what our skin, body and mind ask of us.

Alba Fidalgo.