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The Spirit of Palo Santo

Written by Zaliris Made


Posted on March 26 2021

A botanical treasure from South America, a wood that can enter your energy field, and a powerful energy tool that Mother Earth has gifted us.

Palo Santo is a wood stick that when burned, the smoke can clear negative energies from your space, will evoke protection and help you connect with your higher self.

We believe that connecting with a sacred plant is an important step when performing rituals for your skin and soul. We gift a Palo Santo with every order placed in our website. Why? Because healing and caring for your skin is a sacred ritual worthy of a Goddess.

We kindly ask you to use this magical tool consciously, we do not want to wake up one day and have no more. There are different plants to help your connect with its energy and aromatherapy for clearing and to heighten your divine being. Let's raise our vibration and deepen our connection with Pachamama and the Divine in harmony and respecting the universe's synergy. 

If you would like to know more about palo santo, we recommend reading this blog.