Why you should try our Skin Potions?

Written by Zaliris Made


Posted on March 26 2021

Let’s go back to the basics.

To praising the healing gifts that were put on this Earth before there were man made chemicals. To understanding that Mother Nature is so wise, it needs no help from synthetic ingredients. To realizing that your skincare rituals can be aligned with your conscious lifestyle and allow you to be at peace with yourself and the world around you.

Our sacred skin remedies are the stepping stone into healing with wisdom.  A mystical potion, so simple yet effective, it’s welcomed by all skin types.

The skin has no filter, everything we apply goes straight to our bloodstream. Because of this, none of our products contain water so we don’t have to use preservatives or emulsifiers. They are bare and pure, like we want our skin to be.

In a world where most brands pretend to be safe and chemical-free, even when just some of their ingredients are 100% natural, we pride ourselves in being an honest skincare brand.

Our botanical potions for the skin are made in a high vibrational environment, with powerful plant extracts and loving intentions. Infusing each product with crystal energy, that expels unwanted energy and filters in the good, is our only secret. When you read our ingredients we want you to feel at ease instead of perplexed. It’s time, and we went back to our principles. To putting our health at the heart center of all our decisions.

Your skin, soul, and body will thank you!