Full Moon in Sagittarius & Lunar Eclipse Ritual

Written by Zaliris Made


Posted on May 26 2021

We are facing both the energy of the Gemini Season and the Full Moon/Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. We are often not recommended to do rituals or expose ourselves to powerful Full Moon or Eclipses, but com'on if we would be living in the wild there would be no chance to avoid and face this energy, and even if you are cuddle up in your house you are still exposed and moved by this Universal mood. 

Gemini, is the first sign of air in the zodiac, and as @Miastral mentioned is the baby that has realized his is not alone in this world or the only one getting attention from its parents… it’s the duality that I would prefer for us to think of it as POLARITY… an ongoing synergy between the light and the dark, where one feeds, sees, and help the other evolve and become another learning experience. One cannot live without the other and they in their opposites are extremely needed. 

On the other hand Sagittarius (fire) is making us excavate deep in our beliefs so we can restructure those that are now obsolete, or had a wrong perception of the good they could bring to our personal growth. Accompanied by the eclipse, today is a day totally about; 1) realization and 2) release what we thought we knew to be true. 

What were you doing 6 months ago, in November when we had our last eclipse?

So here is a little ritual I recommend to do tonight or tomorrow morning.

Although we are letting go of something that is not stopping our spiritual growth,  there is no need for us to feel angry, betrayed by our own beliefs or actions. THE OPPOSITE. We need to be grateful, that’s the first step to restructuring and evolution. 

So here’s what we're gonna do.

  1. Sit outside tonight and bring a candle with you (the color that you prefer of the candle the Universe has left for you tonight)
  2. Leave your crystals inside, an eclipse could be too powerful for them
  3. Put on something that makes you feel in harmony.
  4. Prepare yourself a drink (tea, juice, wine, golden milk, whatever calls you).
  5. Find something that reminds you of this past November (picture, flower, book, song)
  6. Bring your fav pen and notebook/paper with you.
  7. Grab a bowl that is heat resistant. 
  8. Bring anything else your intuition is asking you to use as an ally.

-Now lay down preferably in a fetus position, or sit and start taking deep breaths as you imagine yourself connecting with the womb of Mother Earth… full of fiery energy, color orange and red. Pull this energy from the base of your body (root chakra) or your feet and keep it in your own womb.. Now through your crown chakra send a string of light up tp the Universe, reaching the Full Moon and grab it like a cowboy :). Bring this white energy through your head until your heart. 

-Imagine how your heart is full of air and astral energy, and your womb is full of fire and earthly energy.

- From this space of connection analyze what belief, habit, ritual does not let you move forward. What feels like pulling you back? Ask your womb, ask your heart. What symbols, colors, thoughts come to your mind? Meditate about this as long as you need. DO NOT RUSH IT even if you feel you aren’t getting straight answers.

- When you are ready to release both energies back to Mother Earth and Grandma Moon, ask them for permission to keep a little bit of it in your womb and heart.

- Grab your pen and start writing down what needs to be released. 

- Once you are done burn it with your candle and watch it burn and fall apart. 

- Bring one hand to your heart and one to your womb and thank these beliefs for having guided you to a new mental and soul journey, for helping you grow and connect with deeper sides of you.


I welcome new winds into my life that will take me to new changes and places

I choose to be me, speak and live my truth

I let go of old beliefs and memories that are no longer my allies 

I am grateful I am loved

I am aligned with the Universal Love


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